Cold Weather Season is Here…

…because I just refuse to say the dreaded “w” word.

I should be used to it by now. I’ve lived my 27 years north of the Mason Dixon Line, specifically in  Northeastern Ohio, where we were often the brunt of Lake Erie’s wrath. Now that I’ve moved a little further south, albeit in the same state, the snow isn’t quite as bad…

Only here, we get more ice storms than snow. And I think that’s infinitely worse.

Ah well. Guess I can’t escape it unless I move to Florida, land of the sun and old people 😛

Anyway, now that it’s here, I’m finding that I really should have bought Tommy a winter coat, like yesterday. But I’m picky–for awhile all I could find were those enormous bunting suits that I’m pretty sure would make Tommy look like a mini version of Ralphie’s little brother from the Christmas Story in his car seat. Actually, I don’t even think my kid would fit in his car seat with one of those monstrosities, so I decided I would wait until I could find an actual little coat for him and hope that he grew enough to fit into one (the mini-coats go as small as 12M from what I could find).

Thankfully I was blessed with a big boy, who, at 5 months, is on the verge of outgrowing his 9M clothes. I think now is the time to go and pick up a coat for him before it gets to be in the single digits.

Any particular brands out there that you would suggest?