Favorite Things for Little Ones (Birth to Six Months)

I know there are about a zillion of these top ten lists for baby online so why not make it a zillion and one.

#1 on my list: The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Seahorse. Since the day we brought Thomas home, this has been a part of his bedtime routine. And now, it’s part of his nap routine too. It plays classical music with ocean sounds for about five minutes, then fades out. You can adjust the volume or turn it off altogether. Thomas is normally asleep within one cycle (sometimes two) of the seahorse. And I’ll admit I’ve started dozing myself listening to it.

#2: Fisher Price Rock-N-Play Sleeper. Yes another item from Fisher Price. 🙂 I loved this. Since our bed is way too small to co-sleep, this was a great option. We set it up right alongside the bed so I could reach Thomas easily. It’s also a great height for rocking while you’re in bed.  It folds up easily too and the padding washes easily. My small issue with it was the backing–it’s a little hard on baby’s head but I stuffed a sheet behind it and voila! Problem solved. Thomas has long since outgrown it (at about 3 months–he was a big baby) but it’s good for those first months and quite affordable too.

#3: The Bumbo chair. Love, love, LOVE this. My little guy loves to sit in it and as he still needs a bit of support, this  helps him do that and keeps him securely in place.  There are a variety of colors (we have the aqua one) and even a tray to attach to it (sold separately).

#4: Gerber First Essentials Bottles (both the 5 oz and 9 oz). These are probably the most inexpensive bottles on the market however, they are extremely well made. I’ve been formula feeding since the first week and these bottles have served us well, from the small 5 ounce ones to the 9 ounce ones we use now. You can buy different nipples for them as well (slow, medium and fast flow) which has been very handy since a few of them have been chewed up by the cats. They aren’t fancy (not nearly as complicated as Dr. Brown’s from what I’ve heard) and if your baby has reflux issues they may not be the best choice but they worked well for us. I love that I don’t have to spend $15 on 3 bottles. These are also sold separately at Wal-Mart for a little less than $2.

#5: Sassy Five Piece Rattle Set. These have been Tommy’s favorite toys since he was first able to reach and grab. The round rattle and the telephone one have been his first favorites. Recently, he’s taken a liking to the clown face/mirror rattle too. They rattles have great color contrast for baby’s eyes as well as different textures for their little hands.

#6: Fisher Price Precious Planet Whale Tub. Lightweight and versatile. It supposedly fits over a sink (haven’t tried) as well as in a bathtub. We’ve just always bathed Thomas in his room (we use a smaller tub to transfer the water over). There’s also a toy bar that can entertain the little one. There’s no hammock for newborns, but a little ledge and soft back on the whale to rest him on (while supporting him of course). Thomas is almost at the stage where the ledge can be removed and he can sit in the bigger tub part. I know most use the kitchen sink but this is a nice little thing to have if you don’t want to wash your little one in the same place your dishes are done.

#7:  Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney.  This has been Tommy’s bedtime story since birth. I could gush about this book all day but you’ll have to read the reviews for yourself. 🙂



#8: Tiny Love 3-in-one Mobile.  If you want a mobile but don’t want to spend over $40 for one, this is it. It’s also unique in that it’s portable. You can clip it to baby’s stroller, attach to their pack-and-play or even hang from the car seat handle. This has made long trips a little more bearable for the little guy as he sits there and watches the little animals move above.  The animals’ bellies also have high contrast black and white patterns for developing eyes too. You can also turn the music off if you just want the animals to move instead. (Saves mom and dad’s sanity on those car trips).It may not be the highest quality materials but considering a mobile has a life span of 6-8 months,  I think it does its job.

#9: Moby wrap. I’ll admit, I didn’t use this as much as I could have. But I did use it quite extensively the first three months (until little guy’s weight became too much for my back to bear). I do like it but it can be a bit cumbersome, especially if you’re short–you have to make sure the remaining cloth ties high enough so you don’t trip! I think my husband had better luck with this than I did. However I do recommend it. It does have a bit of a learning curve but once you get it down, it’s pretty easy.

#10: Graco Pack ‘N Play. Of course no list can be complete without the pack n play. We’ve only used this a few times so far, but boy, it’s been amazing when we have. This is one of the simpler ones–we didn’t need a fancy one–and it’s done its job well. It folds up easy and sets up even easier. I’m sure I’ll use it even more once the little guy becomes more mobile, but this is highly recommended item for anyone who’s expecting.

Anyway, I could go on and on about other things I love for the little guy but these are my top items. I’m sure once he gets closer to a year, the items will change (hence the title of birth to six months) but these are ones I’ll definitely use again with another little one in a few years.