Roll, Baby, Roll!

Gone are the days of the stationary baby.

I used to be able to leave Thomas on the floor for a minute while I ran to the bathroom. No longer.

He can’t crawl yet, but boy that kid can roll! I put him on his blanket and within 10 seconds he’s off it and halfway to the dining room. When he has his floor time, I have floor time too, because I have to chase him before he rolls into a wall, a table leg, the dog’s behind…(that last one happened last night. Seriously, inches from the dog’s butt).

I’m thankful for that exersaucer because at least I can put him in that and sit on the couch or take a bathroom break without worrying about what he’ll roll into while I’m gone for that brief moment.

I guess that’s just a taste of what’s to come. πŸ˜›


Cold Weather Season is Here…

…because I just refuse to say the dreaded “w” word.

I should be used to it by now. I’ve lived my 27 years north of the Mason Dixon Line, specifically inΒ  Northeastern Ohio, where we were often the brunt of Lake Erie’s wrath. Now that I’ve moved a little further south, albeit in the same state, the snow isn’t quite as bad…

Only here, we get more ice storms than snow. And I think that’s infinitely worse.

Ah well. Guess I can’t escape it unless I move to Florida, land of the sun and old people πŸ˜›

Anyway, now that it’s here, I’m finding that I really should have bought Tommy a winter coat, like yesterday. But I’m picky–for awhile all I could find were those enormous bunting suits that I’m pretty sure would make Tommy look like a mini version of Ralphie’s little brother from the Christmas Story in his car seat. Actually, I don’t even think my kid would fit in his car seat with one of those monstrosities, so I decided I would wait until I could find an actual little coat for him and hope that he grew enough to fit into one (the mini-coats go as small as 12M from what I could find).

Thankfully I was blessed with a big boy, who, at 5 months, is on the verge of outgrowing his 9M clothes. I think now is the time to go and pick up a coat for him before it gets to be in the single digits.

Any particular brands out there that you would suggest?

A Weekend of Firsts

Quite a busy weekend here and many firsts for Thomas.

He went to his first wedding this weekend. As always, I expected the worst–it was supposed to start right around his naptime so I expected Grumpy Baby Extraordinaire. I was quite surprised when he behaved himself very well. He was his normal squiggle worm self but other than that, he did great!

Of course, by the time the reception rolled around, he got a little more grumpy. But Grandpa came to the rescue and he fell asleep in his arms. (I still cannot get him to do that for me!). I did, however, make the mistake of waking him up about an hour and aΒ  half later, since it was approaching his bedtime and I didn’t want him waking up at 4:30 in the morning for the day. By then it was time to leave, so he calmed the moment we put him in the car.

The wedding wasn’t his only “first” this weekend. On Sunday, my husband got bitten by the Christmas bug and wanted to put the tree up. So, he got to watch us do that.

And it would happen that while I was busy taking a picture of the tree to send to my sister, Tommy decided to roll over from his belly to his back for the first time. And I missed it. πŸ˜› I turned around and poof! There he was on his back. I did get to see him do that a few times today though πŸ™‚

One more first…he found a new syllable. “Da.” He started going “Dadadadada” while we were putting up the tree (that thing must be magic or something :P) and both DH and I turned and started laughing. Of course, hubby is excited to hear that from him even though Tommy doesn’t quite know what it means yet.

So quite an eventful weekend here. I have a feeling many more of those are in store soon πŸ™‚

Into the World of Mommy Bloggers

After five months of motherhood, I finally decided it was time to make another blog.

Another blog you ask? Well, my other blog is devoted to my journey through writing. (and yes, I’m lazy enough to take the same title and change it only slightly to apply it to this one. Never been good at titles). I’ve been attempting to write a book for …*counts fingers* four or five years now. I’ve been rather flaky with that–kept switching ideas, then got writers’ block umpteen times, then I got pregnant…

I think I have finally come to a balance where I can write, blog and still maintain my sanity as a sleep deprived new mom. So this blog was born so I could gush and rant about all the joys and challenges of motherhood while keeping my writing journey separate. I figured most of my writer friends would grow tired of constant mommy posts πŸ™‚