Five for Friday

Because every one else is doing it, I figured hey, why not jump on the fun bandwagon 🙂

Plus, I’ve been a poor excuse for a blogger lately and this gives me something to actually write about.

1) Is it seriously Christmas next week? Hmm. Well good thing hubby dearest is the one wrapping presents.

Also, I wrap like an eight-year-old, so I’m glad I have a husband who likes to be absolutely precise on stuff like that.

2) So, at 6 months old, Thomas is in 12 month clothes because he is ginormo-baby. I did not realize this when I bought the outfit below for his first birthday.

Actually, only the shirt is part of the outfit. The pants that came with it were shorts and since it’s the middle of December in Ohio, that wasn’t going to work. Ah well. At least he has a cute shirt. And I get all excited seeing his name on it even though it’s because it’s a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt.

(And yes, Thomas the Tank is another nickname I have for him, because he is, well, a tank!)

3) Phil, a.k.a. the hubby, has been working from home half the week. Long story short, our dog has diabetes and has had to go to the vet every other day to get his sugar checked. I am very thankful he has a job that lets him do this because trying to juggle a squirmy 6 month old and a stubborn 25 pound dog would have been a NIGHTMARE.

4) Thomas is not a fan of avocado. He’s done well with everything else we’ve tried him on, but avocado is a disaster. He eats about half a tablespoon but gives me the stink eye the entire time before he just pulls back and cries.

I am determined to make sure though he doesn’t become one of those kids that only eats hot dogs and mac and cheese. I hope this doesn’t backfire 😛

5) This past week, my critique group met for a story planning session. Basically, we talk about our stories and ask (or beg) for help in places where we get stuck. Normally I get all nervous talking about my writing in front of others, but this helped tremendously. Now I am no longer completely lost.

Also, a friend from the group told me yesterday that after I left (had to leave early, being a momma and all) they all talked about how much they loved my writing and how I needed more confidence in it. That made me smile 🙂

Ok that’s it for me this week. 🙂