As Grandpa used to say: “Oy Vey.”

There are no other words.

It’s only the second day of December and things are falling apart. First, I get word from my mom that hospice is being called in for my grandma. She’s been in the nursing home for three years now since her stroke and now she has a slow bleed on the brain. No one’s exactly sure how long she has, but in six months it’s certain she’ll be up in Heaven with Grandpa.

I can’t say I’m surprised. I had a feeling when we went up over Thanksgiving and she took me aside in one of her rare moments of cognizance and told me how she hopes Tommy will become a “strong, handsome, well behaved gentleman.” After I left I bawled.

As I started to come to terms with it, another issue arose at home: my special needs dog was diagnosed with diabetes.

The poor thing has canine dwarfism–something that one vet said is a “once in a career” thing. He’s only three yet he acts like a senior dog because of all the issues they have. His hind legs don’t work well anymore (he stumbles up the steps to go outside), he has little to no energy most days, his belly is bloated because he doesn’t exercise…and recently the poor thing was drinking two full bowls of water a day (when he’s only 22 pounds) and thus having accidents because he had to pee every 30 minutes.

Now he’s stuck at the vet for the weekend because his blood sugar was so high, they have to regulate it. And on Monday, they get to tell me how to give him insulin.

That’s just wonderful.

And of course there’s other family issues going on with my sis-in-law and her crazy and abusive ex-husband who’s going to trial (that story is too long to get into). I just hope that has a good outcome in the end.

Looks like 2011 is going out with a bang…and not the good kind.

Oy vey.


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